Dental Training Model Series
3rd Molar Removal

The reposition of impacted wisdom teeth can cause swelling, stiffness, pain, and illness. Even the tumors or cysts can form more seriously. These tumors or cysts destroy the nearby jawbone and healthy teeth. Partially emerged wisdom teeth enable bacteria to grow in the opening around the teeth. This eventually leads to infection in the mouth. Wisdom teeth that do emerge can cause other teeth to move, disrupting the orthodontic care or the natural alignment of the teeth.

Dental students need more actual hands-on experience before entering the clinics, but are obsessed by shortage of cadavers. Thanks to the multi-color multi-material capability, the training model has been found to be a valid tool to improve students’ practical skills to avoid faulty operation.


Detachable "Operation Zone" modular design The complete set consists detachable M3 module (left & right), the jaw mock-up seated on the model restrainer, which can be secured on the support frame for easy operation. Modular design only replace the section that has been worked on after hands-on practice of wisdom tooth removal.

Realistic Internal Structure The M3 module has been produced from real patient data of various cases and level of difficulties. This is the most realistic anatomy model for hands-on practice of this kind. The bone, molar, half emerged wisdom tooth, covered with the gum.


CT image data of real cases Scanned patient data is converted into 3D printable format with careful design and post process to ensure best results attainable from our 3D printed training model.

Various cases are available, based on Relationship of the Tooth to the Anterior Border of the Ramus of the Mandible

Mesial Impacted
With different levels of skill and proficiency requirements, trainees could take on and practise more challenging cases.

Horizontal Impacted
All without causing pains and complications on real patient before they are confident enough.


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