Prototype Printing Service

We also provide fast and reliable 3D printing service for prototyping of products and designs, utilizing our top of the line full-color multi-material high-resolution industrial machine. Get the prototype models you want without owning the machine.


We have over 10 years experience on 3D printing and prototyping service, we know the quality, efficiency and communication that it takes to get your parts 3D printed for the best results. 

Fast & Local

Without getting into the long queue and waiting from overseas services and risk leaking your designs to unknown territories. 


Economical & Efficient

Just pay for the print jobs and your models on individual basis as you go. You don't need to worry about owning and maintaining an expensive industrial machine, and peace of mind about all the post processing.

Top of the line Industrial Machine

We chose the technology that suits most products development's requirements, the most versatile in the industry with big platform, most colors, and material properties to choose from.

Get your design printed the way you want.

Contact us for a Quote

  • Send us information - Call us or e-mail us with your requests and we will get in touch with you shortly.
  • Assessment and Verify - We will communicate and go through the process with you, explain any concerns and guide you about the choice (materials, colors... etc.) you make to ensure you get the best results with the prototypes.
  • Models on your hands - Completed models of your design delivered for your fitting, testing, evaluation, planning, meeting, demonstration, or any other uses and purposes you and your company would like. 

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