Virtual Reality Oral Surgery

Chapter 2 (beta demo)- Sinus Lift
A sinus lift procedure is introduced into VROS as the next stage of the development. It involves a number of interactions such as incision, flap elevation, bone window opening, lifting the sinus and suturing.


Coding and Testing 

VROS application development continues into its next phase with Sinus Lift operation, with Zygomatic Implant and more on the road map.


Improved realism

More hardware and software packages are being used, with the hardwork and passion being put into the development, the more complicated operation is now part of VROS with more realism.


Event Demonstration

Chapter 2 Sinus Lift was completed (beta) and demoed at the Branemark Memorial Symposium 2017 with positive feedbacks. 

Chapter 1 (beta demo)- Wisdom Tooth Removal

This chapter led to the birth of VROS, 3rd molar removal which is a popular dental surgery, remains a complicated, dexterous and precise operation skills which requires long term training and practice.  Students can familiarize themselves with the procedures and tools selection in VR...   


Mouth interaction development

Demonstration of integrating VR with haptic device for responsive force feedback on tissue cutting and bone interaction. 


VR environment building

A dental surgery room of a real premise located in Tsim Sha Tsui (HK) was constructed for realistic immersiveness of the VR experience. 


VROS demo roadshow

Chapter 1 - 3rd molar removal was completed and demo at ICOMS 2017, dozens of excited practicing surgeons and professional tried out and generated lots of interests and positive feedbacks.

Virtual Reality Oral Surgery (VROS)
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