Patient-specific Surgical Planning Models

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DICOM Images

CT, MRI, or even 3D ultrasound images data of the the paitents are obtained and segemented for region of interests either by doctors or AMMA as instructed, using professional medical imaging analysis software. 


3D Data Optimization

3D meshes generated from the patient's data are to be refined or modified to specific needs for 3D printing.

Surgical tools design based on individual patient's anotomy/body features can also be engineered and optimized using professional medical and reverse engineering and CAD design software packages. 


3D Models Printed

Pre-Operation Surgical Planning Models are produced and delivered for use as communication tools, surgical rehearsal models, anatomical studies, educational and training models across all disciplines.

Patient-specific surgical planning models enable:

Assess Risks via Rehearsal on Physical Models
Better Communications
Reduce Surgery Time
Increase Efficiency
Less Complications
Prepare for Best Approach

Some more models we printed for local hospitals, clinics and doctors for surgery plannings across many disciplines.

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Recent Public Journal Articles

Preoperative planning and tracheal stent
design in thoracic surgery: a primer for the
2017 Radiological Society of North America
(RSNA) hands-on course in 3D printing

A step-by-step approach using United States FDA cleared software is provided to enhance surgical intervention in a patient with a complex superior sulcus tumor. Patient-specific device creation is demonstrated using dedicated computer-aided design software. Relevant anatomy for these tasks is obtained from CT Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine images, leading to the generation of 3D printable files and delivery of these files to a 3D printer. Read...

Cardiothoracic Applications of 3D Printing. Journal of Thoracic Imaging. 31(5):253–272, SEP 2016

Cardiovascular 3D-printed models can improve diagnosis and allow for advanced preoperative planning. The majority of applications reported involve congenital heart diseases and valvular and great vessels pathologies. Printed models are suitable for planning both surgical and minimally invasive procedures. Added value has been reported toward improving outcomes, minimizing perioperative risk, and developing new procedures such as transcatheter mitral valve replacements. Read...

3D printing in medicine of congenital heart diseases

Congenital heart diseases causing significant hemodynamic and functional consequences require surgical repair. Understanding of the precise surgical anatomy is often challenging and can be inadequate or wrong. Modern high resolution imaging techniques and 3D printing technology allow 3D printing of the replicas of the patient’s heart for precise understanding of the complex anatomy, hands-on simulation of surgical and interventional procedures, and morphology teaching of the medical professionals and patients... Read...


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